luni, 2 februarie 2015

Childhood memories on worktable. Summertime -

Last summer some visual artists (members of the Illustrators Club from Romania) scattered around the country and the world was attending a virtual workshop called “Childhood. Illustrated Fieldwork / Copilaria. Cercetare de teren ilustrata“. We open doors to the world through this website, facebook page and Pinterest page( 

We used exclusivly plants – freshly collected from the field, from the garden or bought from the market; processing plants: boiled, burned, etc. For example: red cabbage, elderberry juice, beetle footprints. We tried sophisticated recipes found on the internet, old recipes told by old people in villages and we also use plants without any recipe. We used tools found / made by us: feathers, rush, blade of grass, etc…
And these are pictures about our ”workingtables” :-)

Alexandra Burda

Bianca Hațeganu

Cristina Crișu

Iulia Ignat

Iulia Costache

Oana Ispir

Raluca Ciubotaru

Raluca Anghel

Szabo Zelmira

You can see the result here.

We also have some pictures about our tutors worktable. 
Diana Margareta Cepleanu (from Romania) who worked in the open window of the memories.

Szegedi Katalin (from Hungary), sometimes is ”building” her illustrations from different objects, plants, textures.

If you liked how our artspace looked, you are invited to try it. You just have to go out a little bit, look arround and gather some plantes. Or, you just enter the kitchen and prepare some fruits and vegetables and consume it - drawing.